Affiliate Vendor Program

The Industry Affiliate Certification Program promotes excellence in the execution of off-premise sales at the restaurant level. 

Industry Affiliate Certification Program


The Industry Affiliate Certification Program promotes excellence in the execution of off-premise sales at the restaurant level. Proper certification brings conformity, quality standards, and accountability to the overall performance of any multi-unit restaurant catering business.

As Restaurant Catering and Off-Premise Programs are relatively new business models, many industry experts are having difficulty understanding what the new needs of their existing customers or students are. The Catering Institute has developed a program to help industry affiliates understand the catering business and how they can best demonstrate their expertise to help prospects feed their customers where they live, work and play.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Consultants
  • Hospitality School Educators and Administrators
  • Suppliers who want to sell more services to restaurants doing catering

The Certification

The certification course will be a one-day on-site session to industry professionals on the structure and operational fundamentals necessary to execute an off-premise catering program. During the course session, learning will focus on the Five Pillars of Successful Restaurant Catering:

  • Leadership: Understanding all aspects of what is needed in order to lead a catering initiative within a multi-unit restaurant company
  • Centralized Services: Exploring what this business model supports and why it is a recommended strategy
  • Delivery Program: Explaining the different service expectations catering customers have vs. on-site or traditional delivery customer expectations
  • Sales & Marketing: Understanding what makes catering sales teams and marketing strategy successful
  • Operations: Diving into what tools operators need in order to execute catering flawlessly while maintaining standards within their retail location

Affiliate Benefits

Each attendee who has successfully completed a module will receive a “Get Catering and Grow Sales!” Certification certificate. Once certified, the affiliate’s training team will have the ability to “certify” additional internal teams and individuals that support catering programs.

Each attendee will have access to any member of The Catering Institute for continuous education tools or business logic discussions.

Upon completion of the “Get Catering and Grow Sales!” certification process, and upon approval from The Catering Institute, affiliates will have the right to utilize the “Get Catering and Grow Sales! Certified” Trademark within their external marketing materials.

Certified vendors, consultants and educational facilities will be preferred resources and recommended as such within The Catering Institute community.

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