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Table Touches

Posted by Tony Pavic

2017 was an incredible year here at MonkeyMedia Software.

We have been very fortunate to work with our clients, large and small (this is not a venti/grande/tall post), along your journey into the off-premise space of restaurants. This journey sometimes involves entering a whole new space, but it can also be a re-imagining already booming sales channels for takeout, delivery, and catering.

This year we added some great new brands to the MONKEY family, and added a number of features to support you and futureproof your system in the process. As we add brands and work with the incredibly talented people behind them, we’re given renewed energy and focus on what it means to be a service-oriented organization. And to deliver on growing service needs, we need to grow as well. To this end, we added some great people to our staff this last year to help ensure that we’re listening and responding to your needs: you may have been in touch with some of our amazing new support and development team members, including Renzo Koornhof, Guillame Tremblay, and Elena Herscovitch.

Restaurants, by nature, are based on service. Certainly, the food must be great for people to come back week after week, month after month. But in the end, if the service is typically excellent, you might get a pass, even if you find out the soup is cold during a table touch. That said, it can’t become the norm.

Almost daily, we’re reminded that we at MonkeyMedia Software play an increasingly more important role in the day-to-day operations of a restaurant. We know from working with our clients - and some of you who have been with us for over 10 years - that we are involved not only from a software perspective, but from time to time can function as a business practice sounding board, or advisor. This year, I’ve been involved in discussions about topics ranging from pasta shapes to pickles, to plastic forks - and many topics not starting with the letter ‘p’.

This gives us great pride and at the same time humbles us to stop and think about who we are, who you are, and where we’re all trying to go.

As we refocus our efforts on what it means to be a service-oriented organization, we are committing to spending more time in 2018 working with you, our clients, on how we can be of more help and how we can give you more information to be in the know. I won’t do this alone - I have Jessica Finley, who joined me in Client Services in 2017, and have the support of the entire Engagement Team team to help fulfill your needs.

You might not always hear this from a “software partner” but we talk about this and consider it often as I know many of you do in your own restaurants.... often times, software isn’t necessarily the best solution to a perceived problem. Information and understanding are what solves problems.

Thank you for being a part of an amazing 2017! Here’s to more table touches, keeping lines of communication open, and sharing more ideas in 2018.

Tony Pavic

Director of Client Services


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