Catering To Social Media


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Social media has made a huge impact on the business world as a key tool for engaging with customers in their everyday lives. For restaurant operators, social media lets you target new and potential customers by generating conversations and providing channels for open communication. But how does it apply to a catering business?

Engaging with customers and prospects via social media is a great way to build engagement and loyalty. It also allows restaurant operators to generate sales, create promotions, and establish community among your brand and guests.

Special guest, Dan Kim, Founder and Chief Concept Officer of Red Mango, joined the MonkeyMedia Software team to discuss::

  • How social media can benefit your catering and off-premise programs;
  • Best practices for implementing a social media program to build business, and;
  • Advice on how to successfully use tools such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to increase brand loyalty.

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