Kitchen Efficiency To Help Build Catering Sales


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The idea of taking catering serious and rolling it out through your brand takes a serious commitment of time and understanding. Adding catering to your business model requires a process of layering this new service on top of your existing operation. This involves removing the barriers to building an efficient, scalable business model designed to increase overall sales by more than 20%.

In this webinar, Kitchen Efficiency To Help Build Catering Sales, join Profitality Founder & CEO, and hospitality expert, Juan Martinez, as he explores the implementation of an efficient catering manufacturing design to increase throughput.

This includes:

  • Facility design for maximum workflow
  • Labour management to drive maximum customer service and sales
  • Strategic management to align your catering program to the industry’s best practices

As you succeed in the catering and off-premise channel, your business will experience a sales increase without incremental costs. Catering IS serious business!

Note: This webinar is a high level discussion on measured increases related to operational efficiency and might not be suitable to all areas of your concept.

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